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iLocate is a FREE Mobile App that lets you locate Companies, Products and Services using Company Names and Keywords.

Initially iLocate started as a service to locate Home improvement services, but recently companies in other industries began requesting if they could be loaded on the system. We gladly obliged and opened the system up for ALL types on business's....Small, Medium and Large.

The iLocate App is currently available for Blackberry, Android and Nokia (Symbian). An iPhone / iPad release is currently in development.

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Info: iLocate is a free mobile app that will locate companies, products and services in your area and the rest of South Africa.
Keywords: advertising, mobile, find company, look for, product launch, search
JMac Steelwork
Keywords: palisade fence, carports, burgular bars, security gates, custom trailers, steel lampshades
Incredible Connection Greenestone
Keywords: laptops, pcs, printers, ram, memory, computer repairs